Sponsor an Orphan Child Monthly/Annually

Immense rewards have been guaranteed for those who sponsor orphans in need.

Sponsoring an orphan is one of the greatest deeds that Allah (SWT) and His messenger Muhammad (PBUH) emphasised.

on behalf of our donors, United Hands Relief sponsors over 600 orphans in Palestine, Jordan (Palestinian and Syrian Refugees) and East Africa, providing them with financial support, food, clothing, medical health care and quality education.
Education Your ongoing donation will provide an orphan with the opportunity to receive the full education they deserve that may lead to a decent job in the future food for their whole family
Clothing Sponsoring an orphan will provide them with essential clothing needed for each season throughout the year
Healthcare Supporting orphan’s medical expenses gives them an opportunity to live long healthy and fruitful lives
Food You are not only feeding an orphan, but also providing
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