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Many of us have been blessed with more wealth, better health and greater living conditions than our fellow brothers and sisters in many parts of the world.

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In addition to always being thankful for what we have, Islam also teaches us that it’s our responsibility to do what we can within our capability to help those in need.
Privacy Statement: The personal information above is collected in order to evaluate the volunteer candidates during the evaluation process. The information may be shared with program and organization partners. By submitting this application, I acknowledge that the information I’ve given is accurate.
United Hands for Relief and Development appreciates each and every volunteer that comes to assist us. This is one of the most valuable partnerships UHR can have with the community. No matter what tasks you complete, big or small, each action brings us all one step closer to improving lives and rebuilding communities.
With increasing natural disasters face by Americans here at home, UHR recognized the need for more localized services and established its second resource facility. From this Arlington location we can better serve the communities low income and needy families, individuals and the homeless populations. Localizing resources decreases the time between when disaster strikes and relief and redevelopment can begin.
Our programs would not exist without the help and support of volunteers like you! Please view our website (https://uhrelief.org/) to learn more about United Hands for Relief and Development’s local projects and consider how you can join forces with UHR and make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.
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