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A Visit to Palestine

United Hands Relief (AKA Bait Alkhair) Vice President, Nayef Doleh, visited Jordan and the West Bank in Palestine to monitor our humanitarian projects in the area. Mr. Doleh assessed the situation of many needy Syrian refugee families in Northern Jordan and those stranded on the border.  He also visited many needy families in the Palestinian refugee camps of Nablus.

During his visit, UHR’s VP distributed food packages, water and hygiene kits to families of widows, orphans and the disabled.

Additionally, an event was organized by UHR’s team in Nablus and a wonderful dinner was served to the elderly at the Red Crescent Nursing home. While doing so, elderly hygiene napkins were provided to the home, enough for several months. The home tenants expressed what a wonderful warm time they had!

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Give them Safe Clean Water

The water crisis in Gaza is only getting worse

Today, over 96% of water in Gaza is declared unfit to drink. This means that vulnerable children, the elderly, and pregnant women are forced to drink dirty contaminated water, leading to diseases, infections and sometimes death.

For just $15, you can provide up to 3 poverty-stricken families with clean water enough for one week. For this amount, you can help them refill their water tank (1,000 liters) and survive in the truly dire circumstances they live in .

The Water for Gaza campaign is an ongoing project that UHR will continue to support with the help of supporters like you.

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