Aiding Healthy Child Development: Baby Formula, Supplements & Diapers

Working Together to alleviate Poverty and Hunger.

Nourishment and Care: What We Offer

In Yemen, where the crisis has left children facing dire circumstances, our mission is clear: to provide them with the support they need for a brighter future. We understand the critical role nutrition plays in a child’s early years, and we aim to combat malnutrition with our holistic approach.

Empowering Young Lives: Our Mission

Through our program, we distribute baby formula, supplements, and diapers, ensuring infants and toddlers receive the vital nutrients they need to thrive. Our carefully curated aid packages go beyond addressing immediate needs; they pave the way for healthy growth and development.

Yemenis face hunger, disease and other life-threatening risk
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Children under the age of 5 are acutely malnourished.
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