Women Empowerment

United Hands Relief, we empower women by providing small business grants to families in need

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

At United Hands Relief, we understand that women are the backbone of many communities. They are often the ones who provide care for their families, ensuring that their loved ones have what they need to thrive. However, women are often prevented from reaching their full potential by lack of access to resources and opportunities. That’s why we offer small business grants to families in need.

By empowering women with the resources and skills to create businesses, we give them the chance to break the cycle of poverty and build a better future for themselves and their families. When women start businesses, they provide their families with superior nutrition, focus on their children’s education and reinvest in the community. As a result, their families and communities thrive. We are proud to support women as they create a brighter future for us all.

Help Empower Women

$350 can provide a vulnerable woman with training, skills, equipment and supplies to start a sewing business.

$500 can provide a woman with an animal – for milk to produce cheese to sell.

$1,800 can provide a vulnerable breadwinner with a delivery cart.
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