Winter Relief Fund

Transfer Warmth From Your Heart To People In Need.

Provide Warmth This Winter, Donate To Our Winter Relief Fund

As the winter season approaches, families across the Middle East are preparing for an unbearable few months. With little to no protection from the wind, rain and freezing temperatures, they face a daily struggle to keep themselves warm. 

For young children who are already malnourished, the risk of colds, flu and other cold-weather viruses is even greater. Sadly, many will not survive the winter. By donating to our Winter relief fund, you can help us provide families with the essential supplies they need to survive the winter months. From blankets and clothes to food and medicine, your support will make a real difference. 

“79.5 million people need help this winter worldwide. Help them survive this winter by donating what you can to help us deliver winter kits, blankets and customized food parcels.”

Please give what you can today and help us save lives this winter. Thank you.

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Engages in humanitarian projects both locally and internationally to assist those in dire need of assistance. It is our goal to empower individuals and families within their communities.

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