Winter Appeal

Millions of displaced refugees need help this winter.

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmithi)

The humanitarian crises in places like Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon have left behind devastation that can last generations. Innocent civilians had to endure the agony of conflicts, disasters, displacement and unimaginable devastation. People are struggling to survive, and the condition of children’s health is deteriorating due to the lack of adequate food, clean water and shelter.

As winter approaches, it will be increasingly difficult for people to survive in plummeting temperatures. Our Winter Emergency Fund provides essential winter support to those who need it most. A gift like nutritious food, proper heating or a warm blanket could protect lives all winter long. Bring them warmth, save their lives.  

$25 Warm Blanket – will provide a blanket to help survive the bitter months.
$40 Health Kit – will provide a child with formula, milk, diapers and supplements.
$150 Food Parcel – will provide a displaced family with a large customised food parcel that contains nutritious food items enough for one month.
$150 Heater & Propane Tank

Your contribution will help people in most need.

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