Water Well in Nigeria

UHR’s Water Wells Program digs wells in Africa, Asia and the Middle East to provide clean, safe water to those who need it most.

Clean water scarcity puts children at risk. Contaminated water or water scarcity claims thousands of infants’ and children’s lives. On behalf of our generous donors, UHR digs new water wells all year round serving many underprivileged communities.
Today, we share with our donors news and images of another successfully completed water well in Niger. This is a 20m shallow well that produces clean water and can serve up to 16,000 people.
Mohamed Biku, one of the joyful beneficiaries said: “many thanks to all the donors who made this happen. We are forever grateful. Me, my wife and my daughter used to walk miles everyday carrying heavy pots on our heads fetching for clean water. Now we don’t have to do that anymore.”
With your support, thousands more now have access to clean water. Your contribution will save the lives of children and relieve the burden on many.

Help those in need have access to clear water. Give a “Sadaqa Jariya”

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