12 Doctors and Nurses are About to Lose their Jobs due to the Lack of Medicines and Medical Supplies at Yazour Charitable Clinic in the West Bank

Yazour Charitable Clinic’s medical team along with refugees from four different refugee camps in Nablus are urging United Hands Relief (Bait Alkhair) to take urgent action to provide the clinic with vital and necessary supplies it needs to continue serving over 50,000 Palestinians.

Yazour is an outpatient medical center that serves refugees in Balata camp, Old Askar Camp, New Askar Camp, and Ein Beit Al-Ma’. Most of the patients don’t have the money to make a payment to the clinic, so the check-up, treatment, and medication are FREE.

The Yazour Clinic has lost its funding by another NGO. UHR (Bait Alkhair) is committed to providing the medical center with medical and pharmaceutical supplies it needs to continue its work.

Charitable donations amounting to $20,000 are needed to provide Yazour with the supplies needed to stay in service for the next few months.

Please help us reach our goal. Any amount will help!

Save a Life by Supporting the Yazour Clinic
Save a Life by Supporting the Yazour Clinic

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Phone: 1.800.811.3697


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