Umm Uday’s Home Renovation Update

“Helping children reach their full potential is our goal this summer. They discover learning, as well as fun and new friendships.” – Marwa, RUI Director.

The Struggle for a Safe Home in Gaza

Over the years, the people of Gaza have been through great turmoil. Confined to a small strip of land – the Gaza Strip, it has become extremely overpopulated making it the third most populated state in the world, with nearly 2 million people living in approximately 141 square miles of land.

Besides being overcrowded, with the astonishingly increasing unemployment rate, the majority of Gaza’s vulnerable families are living without a stable source of income, and almost 80% of Gaza’s population relies on aid from foreign countries and international charitable organizations, like United Hands Relief. The UN reports that Gaza has the highest rate of unemployment in the region.

Sadly, the situation worsens as conflict over the years have damaged thousands of homes and devastated the infrastructure of the city leaving families without an income living in unsafe, partially destroyed or makeshift homes. This gets even worse during winter, when cold weather and rain sweeps the region and leaks through into their homes.

We Are Reconstructing Homes, Transforming Lives, and Giving Hope

United Hands Relief launched The Reconstruct Gaza Homes campaign in response to the increasing number of displaced families amid years of conflict and blockade. In collaboration with our local partners, UHR aims to repair and rebuild destroyed homes, providing Palestinian refugee families a safe and healthy environment to live in.

Because of your support, our teams were able to carry out essential repairs to damaged homes by providing tools to aid restoration, rebuilding, plastering, and painting. These repairs have given the vulnerable family of Umm Uday adequate shelter that they desperately needed.

The Reconstruct Gaza Homes campaign aims to keep families safe, happy and sustainable over the long term, and we would like to thank you for your ongoing support, which has allowed us to rebuild lives.

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