UHR’s COVID-19 Response in Yemen

Yemen’s population of 30 million people have endured more than five years of ongoing conflict leading to severe poverty, famine and a struggle to fight the cholera epidemic. Today, the novel coronavirus presents an imminent danger that further threatens the country’s most vulnerable innocent civilians. COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Yemen and displaced people are at the highest risk.
In response to the current crisis, UHR delivered 100 food packages to needy displaced families in the city of Marib. The 800 beneficiaries were very thankful to our donors for the life-saving gift they recaved before the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. UHR will continue delivering food assistance to the poorest of the poor in Yemen and other countries during Ramadan.
Join us today to save lives and ensure that hungry families have enough food to break their fast.
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