As a humanitarian relief and development organization with prominent presence in Jordan, UHR implements projects across six main programs.

Emergency Disaster Relief

We provide humanitarian assistance and relief in the context of disasters, conflict and other emergencies.


We assist in livelihoods development for rural, urban and displaced communities. This includes sustainable development and micro-financing projects.


We improve access to quality education for children in vulnerable, marginalized and displaced communities.

Food Security

We assist in the development of safe, sustainable and affordable food systems to increase food security long-term. We support seasonal programs: Ramadan Feed the Fasting Campaign, Zakat Al fitr, Udhiyah/Qurbani.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

We improve access to clean water, sanitation and improve hygiene practices and awareness among vulnerable and displaced communities.

Orphan sponsorship & Needy Family Assistance

We provide a one-to-one sponsorship program to improve child welfare, keeping child safety central to our approach. We support impoverished families, especially widows and families with disabled members with monthly rent, food and other necessities.

Healthcare & Medical

We support local health centers, hospitals and mobile clinics with medication and equipment. We ensure access to healthcare for the most vulnerable people, particularly women and children.