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Join the UHR Gaza Scholarship Initiative to Invest in the Future of Deserving Honor Students.

Our scholarships are designed to remove financial barriers and provide opportunities for students who have shown exceptional academic achievement, community involvement, and financial need.

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Empowering Honor Students in Need

In Gaza, United Hands Relief (UHR) is proud to continue its scholarship program for the second consecutive year. We believe that every deserving student should have access to quality education, regardless of their financial situation.

Meet the Honorees

To demonstrate our transparency and community engagement, we are glad to introduce this year's five outstanding students for the scholarship program. These extraordinary people have succeeded academically and participated in their communities. After being accepted into medical school, all five students will get UHR funding.

Amro Abdel Hameed

Amro Abdel Hameed, a talented and outstanding student, has triumphed in his secondary education this year with an impressive 98% achievement. His ambition is to pursue a career in medicine at university. Yet, a cloud of financial constraints  hangs over his  aspirations. The steep expenses associated with university education are a formidable barrier that the family, facing  economic hardship,  cannot overcome.

Amro's journey is adorned with accolades – he clinched the top spot in four poetry recitation competitions over the past years. Not only that, he showcased his prowess as a footballer by participating in the Norwegian Football Championship with the Gaza team. A heartfelt wish to join a football academy resonates in his heart, but this dream remains elusive due to the financial strains his mother grapples with.

Amro's general living conditions are modest but adequate. The family resides in a two-bedroom flat, ensuring a semblance of stability amid the challenges they face. The mother's reliance is only on charitable aid since there is no standing source of income. Amid the trials they navigate, the support they receive becomes a eacon of hope shining their path towards a brighter future.

Ayah Telbani

Ayah stands as an exceptional student, driven by her aspiration to study medicine at the university. Recently, she completed her high school journey, achieving an exceptional GPA of 99%. Nevertheless, the financial circumstances of her family loom as a substantial impediment to realizing her dream of becoming a doctor. The pursuit of a medical education entails substantial costs, encompassing university fees, transportation, and necessary stationery.

Within the embrace of her family, Ayah resides alongside her mother and
siblings in an owned flat. Although this dwelling provides a sense of
shelter, its condition is relatively average. Damp walls and a leaky ceiling
mar its infrastructure, with the kitchen and bathroom demanding renovation.

Ayah finds solace and passion in drawing and poetry recitation. Her
leisure moments are invested in the pursuit of knowledge through
reading and exploration. Yet, amidst her aspirations, Ayah confronts a
challenge in her vision. A squint in her eyes necessitated surgery, and she
now requires specialized glasses costing $100 to facilitate her daily life.

The weight of family responsibilities rests on the shoulders of Ayah's
mother. With a modest income and sponsorships serving as their financial
backbone, she valiantly strives to fulfil the basic needs of her family.
However, these resources often prove insufficient, underscoring the
poignant struggle many families endure in their pursuit of a dignified

Hadi Fouda

Hadi Fouda is an exceptionally committed student within his school. He is accustomed to diligent study in  pursuit of high marks and distinction.  Recently, he successfully completed his high  school education with an impressive GPA of  95.7%. His next step is to enter university, where his aspiration is to pursue a degree in medicine. However, the financial constraints within his family hinder his ability to fulfill this dream. With limited income sources  available, he hopes to receive assistance to pursue his desired  major.

He resides safely with his family of the mother and two brothers in the same tin-sheets house which comprised of five rooms where the floor needs to be reconstructed.

The most significant and attractive feature of the family is that all of them are well-educated that the mother has a bachelor degree of Arabic language, the brother Bshar has recently graduated from the faculty of pharmacy while Mohammed is a junior student at the university studying genetic engineering; this leads to the heavy duty on the mothers’ shoulders to provide them with the learning requirements.

For sorry, each of the family members suffers from a certain disease that Hadi suffers from a deviation in the knee after he fell on the ground and needs regular treatments cost 200 shekels monthly while Mohammed suffers from asthma and the mother suffers from different chronic diseases related to the digestive system and needs regular treatments cost 200 shekels monthly. Actually, the mother cannot keep her head above the water that she does not receive a regular income and depends mainly on the intermittent social affairs payment.

Mariam AboDhair

Mariam, an exceptional student, has succeeded in her secondary education this year with an outstanding 99% achievement. Her ambition to pursue a career in medicine at university shines as a testament to her dedication. Yet, a cloud of financial constraints hangs over her  aspirations. The steep expenses associated with university education are a formidable barrier that the family, facing  economic hardship,  cannot overcome. In the midst of her remarkable success, Mariam's path to fulfilling her dreams is shadowed by the  pressing need for  financial support, highlighting the all-too-familiar plight of  talented individuals  whose potential is hampered by financial limitations.

In addition to her academic achievements, Mariam is a social and wellliked student. She received a scholarship to study English levels at a language center and participates in English reading and writing competitions.

Mariam comes from a family of seven, and they live in a house with a concrete roof made up of three rooms and their amenities. Although the living conditions are decent, the furniture is in poor condition, and the family needs a clothes cupboard and a mattress. Despite their challenging financial situation, the family's income is mainly based on orphan sponsorships, so it is barely enough to cover their basic needs.

Sojoud Al Azzazi

Sojoud Al Azzazi epitomizes politeness and dedication. Her fondness for reading and committing the Holy Quran to memory is truly noteworthy. An achievement worth celebrating is her successful completion of memorizing the entire Holy Quran. Recently, she completed her high school education with a remarkable GPA of 92.3%. Since her youth, she has nurtured a  dream of pursuing dentistry. However, the shadow of uncertain  financial circumstances might cast a shadow on  the realization of this aspiration. The family's financial situation is strained due to various obligations, including the university fees and study expenses of her siblings who are also pursuing higher education.

Amidst these challenges, Sojoud fervently hopes for the possibility of support that would enable her to pursue her dream major of dentistry. Her family resides in a privately owned house, though its condition is averagely maintained. The walls, floors, kitchen, and bathroom all bear the marks of needing renovation and renewal.

The mother, a cornerstone of the family, tirelessly strives to secure a dignified life for her loved ones. Furthermore, within the family, there are university students who, like Sojoud, are facing the financial commitment of their tuition fees. In this shared pursuit of education and betterment, the family's resilience shines through.

Rising Stars: A Video Testimony

Discover the compelling stories of our scholarship recipients through a brief video. Orphaned at a young age, these students are making a heartfelt appeal for your support, and your contribution can be life-changing for them.

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