Third Cataract Surgeries Mission in Kenya

With generous donations from our dedicated donors, UHR was able to provide 300 people in Kenya with life-changing cataract surgery, enabling them to recover their eyesight and gain their independence. Working with Safe Medical, 6 consultants, nurses and volunteers, we provided 530 consultations and 300 cataract surgeries to men and women.

With your support, this project had a life-changing effect on people who have been living in poverty for most of their lives. You did not only help restore the sight of the person who received the surgery, you are also helping them become mobile, earn an income and contribute to their families and their communities, without having to rely on others to assist them.

Thank you for donating to UHR’s Cataract Surgeries – Restoring Sight fund. Please continue your support so we can help others.

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