Texas Winter Storm 2021

United Hands Relief is responding to the severe winter storm that swept across the south this week, causing heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures across the state of Texas and other southern states. Effects from the storm led to mass power outages across the region leaving millions without power for most of the week. The extreme cold also caused water pipes to burst in homes and businesses, causing many parts of the state to be under a boil advisory as well. There have been 47 deaths attributed to the winter storm nationwide, 30 of which were in Texas. While an end to the frigid conditions has come this weekend, the recovery from this storm system will be long-term.

UHR had 2000 water cases in the distribution center as part of ongoing support, and we were able to distribute these cases to respond to the immediate needs of the families affected. Additional aid is scheduled to be distributed – water bottles, cleaning supplies, face masks and food.

UHR is appealing for donations to continue its response to the winter emergency in Texas. Amid the historic winter event that has swept through Texas, we are putting all efforts to meet the needs of individuals and families affected by freezing temperatures, excessive precipitation, and power outages across the State of Texas, especially the Dallas-Fort Worth area. DONATE NOW.

Your contribution will help people affected by the Storm

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