Syria Refugee Crisis

More people have been forced to flee their homes in Syria than in any other country. After years of civil war, people continue to face significant challenges. Millions of people need humanitarian assistance. Many live in overcrowded camps where there is little food or clean water.

Coronavirus is also starting to spread. People urgently need basic essentials to protect themselves.  Help us to support vulnerable families in this critical time, so that they don’t have to choose between having food to eat and staying safe from COVID-19. Provide a displaced family with a food parcel to help them eat well for a whole month during this critical time.

The scale of the Crisis

Since the beginning of the crisis in 2011, hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost in Syria. More than half of the population have fled their homes. More than 13 million people continue to find themselves in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. Homes and schools have been destroyed, neighborhoods lack clean running water and sanitation, and people lack the means of making a living to feed their families.

The conflict continues to drive the largest refugee crisis in the world. In Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, we are helping more than 1.5 million people with life-saving clean water, sanitation, and vital food aid, as well as helping refugees make a living and protecting them from violence.

Help Syrian Refugees

United Hands Relief is on the ground on the Syrian borders with Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon providing clean water, cash and hygiene essentials to those who have fled their homes. We cannot continue to do this without the support of people like you.

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