United Hands Relief in Syria

68.5 % of people in the Gaza Strip are food insecure. 1.6 million people do not have the means to afford nutritious food. UHR provides food assistance to the neediest communities all year long.

At United Hands Relief, we are determined to help break the cycle of poverty with our innovative sustainable development projects. Our goal is to empower some of the most marginalized communities in Palestine, Asia and Africa with small-scale businesses to help them become self-sufficient and earn their own income.

The Water Crisis in Gaza is Worsening Daily

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Statistics About Gaza


of Gaza Water is Underinkable

Over 90% of the water from the Gaza aquifer is undrinkable.


of Gazens are food insecure

54% of Gazans are food insecure and over 75% are aid recipients.

1.6 million

Gaza Population

The population of Gaza is 1.6 million, with over 50% under 18.

UHR Impact

Idlib Emergency Appeal

URGENT APPEAL: An 18-month-old baby girl, one of the hundreds of thousands of children displaced due to the ongoing civil war in Syria, died due to the harsh weather [...]

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