Countless people around the world don’t get the head-start in life that we take for granted. It’s hard to provide for your family with the education, healthcare and livelihood that you never had.

At United Hands Relief, we are determined to help break the cycle of poverty with our innovative sustainable development projects. Our goal is to empower some of the most marginalized communities in Palestine, Asia and Africa with small-scale businesses to help them become self-sufficient and earn their own income.

From farms to grocery stores, from livestock farms to delivery carts, from vocational training centers for women, to providing women with sewing machines to start their home businesses. United Hands Relief runs projects that improve livelihoods both short-term and long-term.

UHR makes clean water accessible to impoverished families in remote areas hit hard by droughts, to help limit their long walks fetching for water. UHR provides quality education to children in countries hit hard by poverty and conflict. UHR also helps micro-finance small businesses for the poorest of the poor that help provide long-term livelihoods

RUIA Training and Rehab Center

Communities Economic Development in Palestine Restoring Dignity and Elevating communities   From training to employment - Improving livelihoods is UHR’s goal for uplifting vulnerable communities in Palestine.   While UHR Gaza teams have been [...]

The Rizq Project

UHR Partners with Syrian Form to Support The Rizq Project Rizk for Professional Development helps give displaced and out-of-work Syrians the means to support themselves. The goal is to empower Syrian families to attain [...]