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Yemen is considered the most impoverished and least developed country in the Middle East. Today, war-ravaged Yemen is on course to become the world’s poorest country if conflict persists. According to the United Nations Development Programme, if fighting continues through 2022, Yemen will rank the poorest country in the world, with 79 percent of the population living under the poverty line and 65 percent classified as extremely poor.

The innocent people of Yemen face the triple threat of war, disease and hunger. The war in Yemen that began in 2015 has left over 22 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. Of these people 17.6 million are in need of food and 2 million people have been displaced.

It is difficult to overstate how devastating conditions are for Yemeni families, who face the brutal combination of war, cholera, famine, continuing hunger and crippled health systems. Water and hygiene facilities in rural areas are collapsing, and there is an urgent need for safe water supplies.

Famine is imminent. The children of Yemen are starving where tragically a child dies every ten minutes. Although the ongoing conflict makes Yemen and its governorates a difficult place to operate in, United Hands Relief has been working in Yemen responding to the crisis through partners with an established presence in the country. Over the last couple of years, we have helped innocent civilians by delivering life-saving assistance – food, clean water and sanitation, clothing, and healthcare in the worst affected areas in the region.

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Statistics About Yamen

22.2 million

people in need of humanitarian assistance

Famine is imminent. People are eating leaves to survive.


Children under 5 suffering from severe acute malnutrition
One child dies every ten minutes
Nearly half of all children aged between six months and five years are chronically malnourished.

4.7 million

Children in In need of educational assistance

Yemeni children have dreams for a better world

UHR Impact

Yemen Emergency Appeal

A Child Dies Every Minute After years of conflict in Yemen, you would think it will eventually stop. Children in Yemen are facing a catastrophic famine crisis. Millions are [...]

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