Rohingya Flood Appeal

Heavy rains and landslides in Bangladesh have killed at least 11 Rohingya refugees. According to reports by UNHCR, an estimated 2,500 shelters were damaged or destroyed – affecting more than 12,000 refugees.

Rohingya Refugees Crisis

Close to a million Rohingya people were forced to flee terrifying violence in Myanmar – are now living in overcrowded conditions in the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh Cox’s Bazar. Prior to the recent floods, coronavirus was viciously spreading in the camp, and families had limited access to clean water, soap or food, and urgently needed assistance.

The impact of the monsoon season is compounded by the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, and as a result, the entire country is under a complete lockdown in response to rising cases across the nation.


The situation is making the Rohingya refugee crisis worse – Shelters are flooded and children are missing. United Hands Relief is on the ground, working with partners helping to deliver life-saving aid and assistance to evacuated families.

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