Responding to Coronavirus Outbreak

COVID-19 has spread and reached countries hit hard by crises. Vulnerable displaced refugees with weak health systems are at the highest risk. Our teams and partners on the ground continue to respond to this health crisis by providing critical food aid, hygiene kits, sanitizer, and cleaning supplies to those in need.

Help refugees prepare for what is coming. Any amount will go a long way!

The COVID-19 outbreak has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. As the infectious Coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, it presents a new threat to millions of vulnerable refugees in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen and Rohingya. Refugees who are already struggling to survive the horrors of conflict and poverty. Today we take a stand. It is vital that we protect the world’s most vulnerable people.

When Coronavirus reaches refugee camps – where millions of people have no access to medical care, hygiene, and nutrition, the virus is highly likely to spread rapidly. This will have devastating consequences for those with untreated respiratory illnesses, low immunity and other underlying health conditions.

United Hands Relief is committed to responding to this health emergency. Our primary goal is to protect displaced refugees, especially children.

Through our teams and partners in the above-mentioned countries, UHR will continue delivering life-saving food supplies, hygiene kits, sanitizer gels and cleaning supplies to the vulnerable families we support who are at high risk.

But we can’t do this alone. Please Donate today to our Urgent Appeal for Protecting Refugees from Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fund. No donation is too small. Together, we can fight this life-threatening crisis and protect our fellow brothers and sisters in refugee camps.

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