Renovating Homes in Gaza, One Home at a Time

Housing is essential to the well-being and development of most societies. It is a complex asset, with links to livelihoods, health, education, security, and social and family stability. The destruction of homes or their loss through a displacement is one of the most visible effects of conflict. In the Gaza Strip, about 18,000 residential units were either completely destroyed or heavily damaged, leaving more than 100,000 Palestinians – some 17,000 families – homeless by the ongoing conflict and the blockade since June 2006.

In partnership with our local partners, UHR’s goal is to rebuild destroyed homes in Gaza. UHR launched this campaign in response to the massive displacement and poor conditions that Palestinian refugees live in. We aim to repair and rebuild damaged homes and provide safe shelters to families in need.

Join us today, help us rebuild Gaza one home at a time.

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