Gaza Water Crisis

In the Gaza Strip, 97 percent of freshwater is unsuitable for human consumption, and raw sewage pours into the Mediterranean Sea. The UN has declared that by 2020, the water crisis may make the [...]


12 Doctors and Nurses are About to Lose their Jobs due to the Lack of Medicines and Medical Supplies at Yazour Charitable Clinic in the West Bank Yazour Charitable Clinic’s medical team along with [...]

Gaza Water Crisis

The Water Crisis in Gaza is Worsening Daily The UN Predicts that Gaza will be Unlivable by 2020 Clean water is essential for human survival. Imagine having 90% of the water in [...]

Let’s Help a Child in Need Succeed

Getting ready for school? Let's Help a Child in Need Succeed Many children who live in refugee camps in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Yemen lack the basic tools for education - school supplies. Parents [...]

Al-Aqsa Iftar Program

United Hands Relief has initiated Al-Aqsa Iftar meals program. With your support, we will help provide Iftar meals for the fasting in Al-Aqsa. Please donate generously towards this noble cause and gain [...]

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