Pakistan Relief

Relieve their thirst. Safe clean water saves lives.

Shelter Homes in Pakistan

There are over 20 million homeless people in Pakistan. There are many factors that contribute to homelessness such as low income with big family size, lack of education, natural disasters, and climate. The current shelters are overcrowded and have wait lists. The Pakistani Government had launched a campaign to provide shelter homes, but the pandemic set them back years, so they need help now more than ever. Donate now to aid and help build more shelter

Food Crisis in Pakistan

Together, we help Pakistan’s most disadvantaged families by delivering personalized food parcels with enough nutritious food to serve a household for a month. A combination of many unfortunate events which include, natural disasters, extreme climate, and poverty all contribute to one of the biggest issues, starvation in Pakistan.  More than 20% of Pakistan’s population is undernourished and children younger than 5 are having their age stunted due to malnourishment. Hunger in Pakistan must come to an end. Every human deserves the basic means of life, especially food.  
40 million people in Pakistan are not getting enough nutrients on a daily basis, as 1 in 5 people are malnourished. The country ranks 92 out of 116 on the global hunger index. Let’s work together as a community by donating and saving lives.

Lack of Quality Education in Pakistan

With all the unfortunate circumstances that Pakistan deals with, one of the most important, and possibly the root of all problems, might be a lack of education. Poverty is the main reason why so many children are not provided with an education.  
Provide these families with much-needed relief by donating to our Education Program Fund and help equip the children with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a better future for themselves, their families, and their country.
Children ages of 6-12 out of school
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Girls that are out of school globally
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people could be lift out of proverty through basic reading skills
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Project Clean Water in Pakistan

Did you know that close to 100,000 people die from dirty water in Pakistan each year?
Out of those 100,000, a little over half of these deaths belong to children. Without clean water, these children die from diarrhea and waterborne diseases every day.  Vulnerable children under the age of 15 often bear the burden of walking miles each day to find water in contaminated streams and ponds that often get entire families sick. Lack of safe water is robbing children of their futures and education.  Finding water is a daily challenge for mothers and children, especially girls. Children often bear the burden of walking miles fetching water. With a charitable monthly donation, you can lift this burden. 

provide clean water to Pakistan


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Water Crisis in Pakistan

Only 20% of the whole population in Pakistan has access to safe drinking water, the rest of the 80% faces severe water scarcity issues. Help us continue refilling the water tanks installed around different areas of the country. With your life-saving monthly gift, we can ensure that vulnerable communities can have access to safe and clean water for years to come.

Additionally we have another form of helping, called Project Donate Water Wells Pakistan. If able, we need your help to continue building water wells in Pakistan. If you want to greatly help Pakistan along with other Countries, Please donate below

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