Suleiman Alghanem
Suleiman AlghanemPresident & CEO
Suleiman Alghanem was born and raised in the city of Ramtha, Jordan, where he finished his high school education then traveled to the United States in 1982 to continue his higher education in Business Administration and Management. Suleiman has been a valued member of the Dallas-Fort Worth community and is an active and respected member of the Muslim community as well, he was an active board member of the Islamic Society of Arlington, TX since it’s establishment 1989.
Mr. Suleiman worked tirelessly as the Executive Director in the Humanitarian Relief field since 2007.
He is both in the office and out in the field constantly making sure that the day to day operations are running smoothly, building relationships in the community and striving diligently to make his organization the best that it can be.
In 2018, Mr. Suleiman Laid the foundations of United Hands Relief in which he presently serves as president and CEO. He brought his longstanding years of experience in charity and relief endeavors to UHR.
He is happily married and a proud father of four children.
Nayef Doleh
Nayef DolehDirector of Communication and Public Relations
Nayef originally from Palestine, he graduated from the University of Baton Rouge, LA in 1986 with a Bachelor degree in Computer science, he also, holds a High Diploma in Education from Qatar University in 1994. He spent 20 years in education, he taught students in Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, UAE and here in the USA, he was appointed as first principal to the first Islamic School in Irving, TX where he spent 3 years.
Nayef served other humanitarian charities from 2003 to 2017. In 2018 he joined United Hands Relief. He is compassionate to help and assist people in need motivated him to continue with the humanitarian services provided by United Hands Relief, helping those in need around the world.
He is a current active community member in the Dallas/FortWorth, TX, Tampa, Fl. and Chicago, Il.
He is a father of 3 adult boys.
Rachid Oummarbiaa
Rachid OummarbiaaSystem Admin
Rachid Oummarbiaa Holds a master’s of Science degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. His passion for technology has led him to study IT and Computer Science at Virginia Tech. The most attractive aspect of technology that stirs his passion is the problem-solving side of it and its application to our daily and professional lives including the charitable endeavors to assist those who need help. He has 9-year experience or so in the IT field with a strong background in Linux System Administration, Web Development, Networking, and Information Security.