Our Response To Kenya’s Water And Sanitation Crisis

With a population of 50 million, the majority of the population lacks access to safe and clean water due to recurring droughts, especially in rural areas and urban slums. Now more than ever, access to safe water is critical to the health of families, especially children as they continue to take measures to protect themselves from the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and other water-borne diseases.

With the support of our donors and local partners, United Hands Relief coordinated water trucking services to distribute clean water in urban communities of Wajir and Garrissa provinces benefiting more than 25,000 people. Our goal is to continue responding to the ongoing crisis by dispatching water trucks on a weekly basis.

Access to safe water and sanitation at home changes everything for families in urban Kenya! It gives them the opportunity to learn, earn and care for their families and livestock.

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