Flooding Affects Thousands of Homes in Oklahoma & Arkansas

Oklahoma and Arkansas cities flooding could be the worst in the United States history.Thousands of homes have been destroyed and thousands of families have been displaced in what is said to be the worst flooding in the United States history. At least 90 people have been injured.

UHR’s Response:

UHR is responding to the devastating floods that struck the cities of Oklahoma and Arkansas.   “It’s heartbreaking to see the destruction left behind by these floods so close to home that affect so many families,” said UHR’s CEO Suleiman Alghanem. “We are mobilizing a team of volunteers to get help to those in need and our prayers are with them as the recovery process begins.” UHR and other relief organizations will collaborate to deploy a team of volunteers to the affected region to help people affected by the disaster. We will be privileged to work with a great team of volunteers to help with: Debris Removal and Muck Out of Houses in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Emergency supplies and financial assistance will be provided to families affected.

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