Keep refugees warm this winter

winter unfolds, refugees across the Middle East will soon encounter freezing temperatures. In Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Rohingya. United Hands Relief (Bait Alkhair) is distributing essential items to help people brave this winter. Children are particularly vulnerable. Many are surviving in tents or makeshift shelters with little infrastructure to support them. Children are sleeping on cold grounds wearing light clothing, which
can lead to serious health risks. Many refugee families are struggling to keep warm with few resources and job opportunities. The cost of keeping a home adequately heated during the colder months is beyond their means.

What can you do to help?

United Hands Relief (Bait Alkhair) is in Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Rohingya, arranging to
provide emergency humanitarian aid to refugees before temperatures plummet this winter, preparing
them for what could be a harsh season. Emergency provisions including food packages, fuel operated
heaters, fuel, warm clothing kits, and blankets will be distributed to vulnerable families who rely
completely on this support.

$25 provides a warm clothing kit for one person
$50 provides two blankets and a fuel powered heater
$100 provides an Emergency Food Package for one family
$150 provides warm clothing kits, a fuel powered heater, and blankets for one family

With your help, we can save the lives of many refugees and bring an end to the suffering of innocent
children. Our goal is to reach 1,000 families. Act Now!

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