United Hands Relief In Kashmir

For more than 70 years, Indian controlled Kashmir has seen its fair share of wars resulting in violence, death and poverty. In the last few weeks, political ans social
upheaval have led to a humanitarian crisis in Jammu and Kashmir

Large parts of its population are subject to a curfew and have been left isolated and struggling to access basic necessities vital for survival including food, water,medical aid and formula for infants. women and children are the most vulnerable. UHR is responding to the crisis and aims to support affected families by providing food, water, hygiene and health care.

How We Are Helping

United Hands Relief team on the ground thoroughly assessed the situation of families affected by the recent violence. Our team and volunteers in Jammu will be providing nutritious food packages, water, blankets, clothing, baby formula, and medical aid.

The emergency aid will be delivered by our registered partner in Jammu and Kashmir which has permission from the authorities to carry out humanitarian work

How We Deliver Aid To Beneficiaries

United Hands Relief partners on the ground registered in Kashmir to carry out humanitarian relief activities. Our partner has been granted permission from the Indian authorities to continue its work following certain restrictions.

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Facts About Kashmir



One state, called Jammu and Kashmir, makes up the southern and eastern portions of the region. Srinagar is the summer capital city. Jammu (city) is the winter capital.



Three areas called Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan make up the northern and western portions of the region. The capital of Azad Kashmir is Muzaffarabad.



One area called Aksai Chin in the northernmost part of the region.

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