Gaza’s Children Enjoy UHR sponsored Summer Camp

“Helping children reach their full potential is our goal this summer. They discover learning, as well as fun and new friendships.” – Marwa, RUI Director.

Marwa AK, a trained professional had a vision. Marwa wanted to give back to her community and UHR assisted in making her vision a reality. United Hands Relief has helped Marwa establish the RUIA training center. UHR provides monthly assistance and sponsorship to RUIA’s programs, because at UHR we believe that education is the best investment.

 “With your help and support, my dream came true. Now I can pass on my knowledge hopefully to new generations.” – said Marwa.

RUIA training center of Gaza provides training programs to children as young as five years old. Through games, computers and hands-on activities, children are given access to vast educational opportunities. RUIA also provides training to adolescents and adults in a number of areas that lead to career knowledge.

“Children have an amazing ability to learn at a young age on a wide variety of topics.” – said MArwa.

At RUIA children experience significant growth. RUIA provides supplemental support that leads to greater learning, seeing the impact not only in school, but in all areas of life.

“I love the fact that Amer wants to come to the RUIA learning center. My child is happy and he feels encouraged. Since he started, we can see tremendous progress in his results.” – Nada M.

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