Gaza Wheelchairs

Working Together to alleviate the world

Small act big impact

Gaza strip has experienced decades of protest, military operations, and violence, leaving most of its population suffering from hunger, poverty, and conflicts. In last year’s conflict, there were more than 200 innocent civilians who lost their lives, and more than 1900 wounded, losing one or both limbs and getting injured in different parts of the body.

In this Giving Season, we started offering wheelchairs to the victims of the war in Gaza and we are continuing to do so this whole period. The wheelchairs will provide mobility, make them feel more comfortable, fulfilled, and bring more enjoyment to their daily life.

Bringing Happiness

Like what we do in other areas in dire need of assistance, we have dedicated our efforts in Gaza during this period to help those who need it the most. The electric wheelchairs will offer a chance to get around easier and more comfortably without using much effort while electric scooters offer a wider number of choices to offer more comfortability.

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