Gaza Water wells report 2021

Working Together to alleviate Poverty and Hunger.

Providing a safe and clean water

In 2021, United Hands Relief aimed to fulfill its Sustainable Development Goal of providing safe and clean water by digging and establishing seventeen main water wells and installing seventeen purification units providing a sustainable source of safe water to the most vulnerable and in-need places across Gaza, such as hospitals, schools, and poor neighborhoods. The neighborhoods in which the wells were constructed are Bait Lahya, Bait-Hanoon, Khan Younis, Rafah-Iskanabiad, Al-Zawayda, Al-Qarara and Al-Bureig.
The Gaza Strip has been facing immense challenges related to the lack of clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, which pose significant health risks to its population of over 2 million people. Children are dying from water-related diseases. A lack of clean safe drinking water is the biggest threats to life of those living in poverty.

In Memory of Adnan Shihabiber & his Wife

عن عبد الحميد عطية أبو العبد وزوجته منى حمدان ام العبد

Abu Al Abed Family on Behalf of His Father

In Memeory of Alhajj Naji Fariz Muhiddin

Suleiman Family - Silwad

(MIC) Osama Rachid, Allam Shqeir, Maher Shabana

من ابناء المرحوم موسى عبد اللطيف سمرين

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