Sponsor an Orphan in Gaza

A mere $65 a month provides a child with sustenance, education, and health care, while $300 can support an entire family.

Sponsor A Gazan Orphan for $65 a Month

Gaza Orphans Sponsorship

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Orphans Sponsorship

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Sponsor A Gazan Widow and Family

Gaza Orphan & Widow Sponsor

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Embrace Gaza's Orphans with Compassion

The prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said, “I and the person who looks after an orphan will be in paradise together like this,” reports Al-Bukhari.

In Gaza, countless orphans face a daily reality shaped by conflict and hardship. Deprived of the basic comforts of a family’s love, these children navigate a life of poverty and uncertainty. Their stories are heart-wrenching reminders of the urgent need for compassionate intervention. By focusing our efforts, we can provide the care and support necessary to brighten their futures and offer hope in a landscape often devoid of it.

United Hands Relief established the Orphan Sponsorship program to ensure that the livelihood of orphaned children in Palestine, and other countries are being met. United Hands Relief offers one-to-one sponsorship. Through sponsors like you, our teams are able to provide nutritious meals, clothing, essential health care, education and other basic necessities to orphans, while sponsors receive regular updates and photos on the little ones they support.

Support 2,500 Orphans in Gaza Through United Hands Relief's Sponsorship Goal

In Gaza, countless children are orphaned every day, thrust into vulnerability and exposed to the harsh realities of disease, malnutrition, and extreme poverty. Your sponsorship can transform lives, offering these children the opportunity to grow up happy, healthy, and educated. It’s more than just aid; it’s a chance to rewrite the future of the most vulnerable, giving them hope and possibilities they might never have imagined.

For as little as $65 a month, your sponsorship can provide the vital needs and comprehensive care an orphan and his/her family needs. Your monthly gift can ease their hardships and enhance their quality of life prospects.
UHR’s Orphan Care & Sponsorship program offers a one-to-one sponsorship, allowing you to change a child’s life. You can choose to become a sponsor, and we will assign the child who most urgently needs your support.

Our Priorities

In a Split of a Second, You can Transform an Orphan's Life. Help children learn, be happy, and thrive

Sponsor an Orphan Child Monthly/Annually

Sponsoring orphaned children grants the gift of a new beginning, and a brighter future for children who lost one or two parents.

Orphan & Widow Monthly Food Assistance

A grieving mother and widow’s never ending worry is that one day she may not be able to provide food for her hungry children.

Orphan Care Fund In The Countries We Serve

From Eid gifts, winter clothing, scholarships, food parcels, and more – we believe that every child needs and deserves our help. Be part of this noble cause.
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