Gaza Families Call the Graveyard “HOME”

Gaza Families Living Among the Dead in a Cemetery Are Calling for Our Help

Dozens of poverty-stricken families have made a graveyard their home, because they have nowhere else to go. Most of them are unemployed, with no money, food, or clean clothes. The do not even have their own pots and pans to cook themselves a simple meal.

Children sleep on tombs surrounded by insects, rats and scorpions. And most of the time, these vulnerable children go to sleep hungry.

UHR is working so hard to try to relocate these families into safe home. So far, we were able to relocate 7 families into decent homes, and provided them with basic necessities like food, water, hygiene kits, refrigerators, cooking stoves, furniture and clothing.

UHR also helps these families become self-sufficient through micro-financing small businesses for the. With UHR’s Palestine Livelihoods Micro-finance fund, we provide working capital to low income families to help reduce poverty, generate employment and help them generate income. Since its inception in 2016, UHR Palestine Livelihoods Micro-finance fund has supported a number of families in Gaza and the West Bank. It helped impoverished smart individuals become grocers, farmers, drivers, and others that run small businesses to support their families and bring hope to their communities.

  • $250 will provide shelter and food for one month
  • $1,500 will provide shelter and food for six months for one family
  • $3,000 will sponsor a family for one year
  • $2,500 will establish a small business for a family (e.g. purchase a delivery cart)
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