Gaza Emergency Appeal

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Gaza Emergency Aid

In addition to the ongoing aid your donations provide, displaced families face various challenges throughout the year. United Hands Relief is committed to transforming hope into tangible support, offering essential aid tailored to meet the needs struggling families.

Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza - Update

Israel has unleashed a wave of air attacks on Gaza since Friday, killing at least 31 people, including six children. Gaza’s health ministry said more than 220 people, including 63 children, have been wounded.

How to Help Gaza

Please help support all those that were affected by these tragic events. Below you will find how to donate to our Gaza Emergency Relief Fund.

Urgent Call for Aid: Baby Formula/Diapers & Women Essentials for Gaza

In the heart of Gaza’s ongoing challenges, your support is more critical than ever. United Hands Relief (UHR) is currently mobilizing efforts to deliver essential supplies to those in dire need. We are arranging a shipment of baby formula and infant diapers to Gaza as swiftly as possible, addressing an urgent need for the most vulnerable.

The associated costs for this vital aid are substantial, and we urgently need to raise funds to make this possible. Here are the details of the shipment:

Baby Formula Shipment:

  • Quantity: 38,016 containers
  • Cost per Container: $8
  • Total Cost: $304,128

Diapers and Female Hygiene necessities Shipment:

  • Diapers Packs: 15,400
  • Cost per Pack: $5
  • Total Cost for Diapers: $77,000
  • Female Hygiene Kits: 33,440
  • Cost per Kit: $1.50
  • Total Cost for Female Hygiene Kits: $50,160

Infant/Women Emergency Aid

Gaza – Infant/Children Emergency Aid Relief

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