Food Security for Orphans in Kenya

As part of UHR’s Orphan sponsorship Program, we ensure that all our sponsored orphans and their families have access to food all month long. UHR serves 300 orphaned children in Wajir and Garissa, Kenya every month. In addition to their monthly sponsorship, UHR also distributes food parcels to the families in Wajir and Garissa, Kenya. According to the USAID, there are an estimated 2.6 million orphans in Kenya who lack adequate care and support. 18.5 million Kenyans live below the poverty line. The UHR Kenya Orphan Outreach Team responds to the needs of orphaned children in three ways:

We offer tangible hope by meeting the educational, physical and emotional needs of these vulnerable children.
We offer health insurance to make sure all children are receiving the healthcare they need.
We offer nutrition by providing children with nutritious meals everyday.
We equip students and their families with the resources needed to help the children continue their educational journey.

Sponsor an orphan today. Restore Hope! A monthly gift of $65 will help provide immediate needs.

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