Food Parcels for Lebanese & Syrian Refugee Families in Akkar, Lebanon

United Hands Relief carried out a food parcels distribution in Akkar, Lebanon to help displaced Syrian refugee families, as well as Lebanese families in most need.

in Lebanon has drastically increased over the past year affecting 74% of the population. Today, half the Lebanese population lives below the poverty line. UHR is putting every effort to fill in the gaps, trying to reach families who are not receiving any form of aid or assistance from other relief organizations. 200 families received large customized food parcels. The food parcels are designed to last for a period of one month for a family of seven, which includes staple foods such as sugar, olive oil, cooking oil, canned meats, beans, rice, pasta, tomato sauce and more.

the most vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese families by providing a month-long customized food parcel. Your donations can help us continue our vital work to support communities affected by the ongoing financial crisis, and the devastating blast.

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