Food Pantry for the Poor

Working Together to alleviate Poverty and Hunger.

Our goal is to save lives, transform communities and renew hope!

United Hands Relief for Relief and Development (UHR) is an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization helping families in need and disaster victims locally, nationally, and internationally.
Inadequate nutrition all too often is associated with inadequate shelter, lack of health care, and bad education, and poverty is at the core of all. In 2018, the percentage of people living below the line of poverty exceeded 12.1%. Today, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across Texas, Tarrant County is seeing an escalation in its poverty rate.
Join our fight against hunger! The UHR Feeding Our Community program aims to secure and distribute food items to residents in Tarrant County. Donate today and help us open our doors to those in need sooner.
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