Today, more than 1 million Palestine refugees need help to meet their basic food needs. The main scope of this project is to fill in part of the gap through distributing flour bags among poorest refugee families – those who’s monthly supply of flour, rice and sugar was cut off by already struggling aid agencies.
For a while, thousands of families have been heavily dependent on food aid and support from The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA). Funding cuts have led to more poverty and misery among refugees.
It is hard to believe that a countless number of families still make their own bread at home due to the rising prices of bread in markets. United Hands Relief is putting all efforts to ease the lives of these families, who are mainly families of widows and orphans, families with elderly and members with special needs.
UHR needs your help and support to provide families with flour bags to help them get by the month.  Our goal is to provide 600 families with flour every month. Please help us reach our goal!
will provide a 50lbs bag of flour, enough for one family for a month.
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