When disaster strikes, United Hands Relief’s priority is to first start saving lives, then to help vulnerable communities hit hard by disaster (natural or man-made) come back stronger.

We make sure people have access to safe clean water for drinking and sanitation. Our teams provide shelter, food and other life-saving necessities vital for survival to families affected.  We support families, especially children through education, vocational training, and sustainable development. We help rebuild communities by helping families become self-sufficient through our development programs. Our goal is to instill hope and restore the dignity of many in need.

Yemen Emergency Appeal

A Child Dies Every Minute After years of conflict in Yemen, you would think it will eventually stop. Children in Yemen are facing a [...]

Feeding the homeless

It's all about community. United Hands Relief dedicated volunteers lend their hands to help feed 200+ people experiencing homelessness in Dallas.  Like many other [...]

Feeding the homeless

Feeding The Homeless In North Texas United Hands Relief engages in charitable acts locally and internationally to assist those who are in dire need [...]

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