UHR Sponsors Education Center In Gaza

Working Together to alleviate Poverty and Hunger.

Education in Gaza

It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have sponsored a new education center in Gaza. This center will serve as a much-needed resource for the children of Gaza, who have been affected by years of conflict.

UHR is committed to helping those in need, regardless of nationality or religion, and we are proud to be able to help the children of Gaza get access to a quality education. We would like to thank all of our supporters who have helped make this possible.

Goals And Objectives

When UHR sponsored an education center in Gaza, the goals and objectives were to bring up the academic achievement of students with low performance levels or learning disabilities.
This center offered specialized services such as individual educational support sessions that used personalized programs tailored to each student’s needs and individual differences.
Group and individual psychological support sessions were also available to reduce the psychological pressure on children.
The three main subjects taught at the center – Arabic, English and Mathematics – were intended for middle-level achievers and below. Ultimately, this high-quality education curriculum was designed to enhance their access to cognitive, emotional, social, and creative aspects of learning in a safe and supportive environment.

The following table shows the number of students benefiting from supportive education services

Graph showing the number of the benefited students

Projects Main Activities - Psychological Support Activities

1. Individual psychological support activities for children:

Which aimed at developing the ability of the child to adapt to psychosocial stress, train the child in relaxation exercises, develop the ability of the student to control his/her movement within the classroom, develop the child’s ability to focus and pay attention, help the child to get rid of negative energy and violent behavior. These sessions discussed the following topics: developing the child’s awareness of his or her physical and psychological maturity – theft – developing the ability to focus – developing the ability to control movement – fear of the presence of the mother – psychological discharge.

The following table shows the number of beneficiaries and the number of sessions:


2. Collective psychological support activities for children:

Which aims to enhance the student’s self-confidence and activate the role of social participation among students, enhance and develop the child’s ability and skill to express his feelings, and strengthen the principle of assistance, confronting situations and solving problems, in addition to discovering the child’s wishes and how to achieve them. The sessions discussed the following topics (self-expression – building positive relationships – following rules – expressing emotions, building trust, developing capacities, feeling good and receptive – eliminating negative feelings fear, shame, nervousness and intransigence).


The following table shows the number of beneficiaries and the number of sessions:

Success Stories: Student And Parents Feedback

I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to up level my academic achievement at school, especially in English and maths. I now feel more confident when I do maths or English. During the program, I got a high mark in maths and I was so excited that I immediately shared it with my teacher. My teacher was so kind and rewarded me for it. I would be delighted if the program continued next year.

Honestly, I faced many challenges with English before I joined the remedial education program at Friends Without Borders Centre. I have always felt that it was impossible for me to understand English or get high marks at it. I passed my English exams mostly by chance. Thanks to the amazing method the teacher uses to teach English, I am now building simple sentences and am able to do textbook exercises much more easily than before. Essentially, I believe if this program continues I will be fluent in English one day.

Actually, my son and daughter are happy at the center, and have benefited greatly from the remedial education program. Now they have started to make positive progress at their school. The program has been exceptionally supportive during the difficult economic situation we are experiencing. I would recommend it to my relatives and neighbors.

First of all, I thank you for the remedial education program you provide our children with. I can clearly see its results in my children’s grades at school. I have noticed that my son likes going to school more now. With this program, my son has developed into a confident and capable child. I would always encourage him to join such programs.

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