Future of Education in Pakistan

At UHR, we believe that every child has the right to learn.

Problems in Education System of Pakistan

With all the unfortunate circumstances that Pakistan deals with, one of the most important, and possibly the root of all problems, might be a lack of education. Poverty is the main reason why so many children are not provided with an education.

Provide these families much needed relief by donating to our Education Program Fund and help equip the children with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a better future for themselves, their families, and their country.

Donate for Children Education

Please donate, so these children have the required resources to learn. With proper education, these kids could learn how to turn around the landscape of their country and lower the poverty and uneducated population.
Any amount of donation will make a world of a difference to these children in need. In a time where the world seems to be upside down, we must come together as a community and take care of our own. Please donate now, and give an education that you would wish for your own child.
Children aged 5-12 can’t read, write or count
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Girls are out of school, globally
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People could be lifted out of poverty through basic reading skills
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Pakistani Children Deserve a Better Future

Education Pakistan

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Provide a Better Life

Pakistan is home to many Muslims in need of help. If we work together as a community we can provide hope and give these children a chance to help their own communities. To turn the problems of Pakistan around, it starts with education.
Donations of any amount will make a difference and change lives.
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