Displaced Families of Beirut Need Our Help

Survivors are haunted by the Beirut Blast, especially young innocent children.

The incident has been devastating and the number of people impacted continues to grow. Thousands of innocent civilians are injured, displaced and traumatized dealing with the aftermath of Beirut’s explosion.
Reports suggest that 178 people are dead, 6,000 injured and 300,000 made homeless. For Lebanon, it seems like its one crisis after another! The economy is in crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has struck, and hospitals that are already swamped with cases are now overwhelmed with casualties. Thousands of people need immediate aid. UHR is working with local partners in Lebanon to reach as many families as we can.
We urgently need your support to help us reach those most affected by the explosion in Beirut. Please give what you can today!

Your contribution will help people affected with the explosion.

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