Despite the Odds, Gaza Farmers Continue Harvesting Crops

Zahra, a 52-year-old farmer from Khan Younis lost her land during the 2014 conflict in Gaza. Her husband died of cancer and is now living with her five children. Zahra is the sole provider for her orphaned children.

UHR’s Monthly Response 
Through UHR’s Monthly Family Assistance program, our teams in Gaza distribute 250 customized food parcels to families in need every month. Food parcels contain nutritious food items for an average size of seven enough for one month. Each parcel contains dry food, as well as vegetables, canned goods and 3kgs of fresh meat.

United Hands Relief helped Zahra restore part of her land and grow crops. The land now produces enough vegetables for Zahra and her family to feed on, sell to local markets and share with neighbors and families whose lives have been affected by the conflict and ongoing blockade.

Filled with gratitude, Zahra says “I want to help my friends and neighbors. I want to help my community. I will do anything I can for our children to eat nutritious food and be healthy to stay in school.”

In spite of her years of farming experience and knowledge of the best seasons to crop, UHR also helped Zahra receive planting and harvesting techniques to help her grow her production, as well as marketing tips on how to sell to local markets and individuals.

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