Yemen Emergency Appeal


A Child Dies Every Minute After years of conflict in Yemen, you would think it will eventually stop. Children in Yemen are facing a catastrophic famine crisis. Millions are at risk of dying from starvation. A CHILD IS DYING EVERY EIGHT MINUTES. We need your generous gift to support our relief efforts in Yemen. Your tax-deductible gift can provide lifesaving supplies and medical care to these vulnerable children. Donate Now!

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Hundreds died in Kerala monsoon – India


More than 320 people have died in the monsoon flooding in southern India’s Kerala state. Officials told the Associated Press that the floods have left more than 220,000 people homeless over the course of several months. Schools and Cochin International Airport – one of the country’s busiest – have been closed because of the disaster. Officials have compared this monsoon season to the 1924 monsoon.  It’s believed to be the worst in the state’s history. UHR is joining the relief efforts along with other organizations. Your contribution will help the Indian people who have lost everything because of this [...]

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Yemen crisis: Five million children at risk of starvation


Over five million children are now facing starvation in Yemen as the ongoing conflict causes food and fuel prices to soar across the war-torn country. Child malnutrition rates are among the highest in the world. Women and children are particularly vulnerable due to the lack of safe water and sanitation, and insufficient access to health services, particularly in rural areas. 400,000 children under the age of five are suffering from severe acute malnutrition. The three year conflict has pushed the already impoverished country on the brink of famine, leaving many unable to afford food or drink. The ongoing violence [...]

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Help the children of Yemen


The Children of Yemen are in Dire Need of Help Yemen has been facing various challenges ranging from widespread poverty, food scarcity and lack of health services. With the eruption of war across the country, the situation has gone south with increasing negative impact especially on the children. Millions of children are suffering from curable diseases and lack of nutrition. Your support will help deliver water, food and other daily life necessities that are desperately needed to save the lives of the children and the elderly. Please support this humanitarian cause and invite others to do so. [...]

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