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A Strong Earthquake Hits Pakistan


A 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit several cities in northern Pakistan and parts of the Kashmir region under its control, leaving at least 22 people dead and more than 700 wounded, officials reported Tuesday. The strong tremors, which struck just after 4 p.m. on Tuesday and lasted for several seconds, shook buildings and houses, causing panicked people to pour out into roads and streets. In Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city, people scrambled out of buildings, many praying out loud. According to Pakistan’s Meteorological Department, the epicenter of the 5.8 magnitude quake was near the mountainous city of Jehlum in eastern Punjab province. [...]

A Strong Earthquake Hits Pakistan2019-09-27T01:25:50-04:00

Somalia Faces the Risk of Famine


Somalia faces the risk of famine again because of recurring droughts according to the UN the Horn of Africa is suffering from a severe drought causing crops to fail and cattle to die. An estimated 13 million people are facing acute malnutrition and water scarcity in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, and are in urgent need of emergency assistance. In Somalia, communities that were already vulnerable due to past droughts are again facing severe hunger and water scarcity and are at risk from deadly communicable diseases. During Ramadan, UHR was on the ground distributing food items and water to needy families [...]

Somalia Faces the Risk of Famine2019-06-16T08:34:07-04:00

United Hands Relief providing relief efforts to Florida victims of Hurricane Michael


In October of 2018, Hurricane Michael struck as the third-most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall in the United States, and brought the strongest recorded storm to the Florida panhandle. As of October 22, 2018, 54 deaths have been attributed to the storm, with 39 in the U.S. and 15 in Central America. United Hands Relief (Bait AlKhair) recently carried out Hurricane Michael relief efforts in collaboration with other relief NGO’s by distribution of hygiene items and cleaning supplies at White City, Florida, which is part of the St. Lucile County and has a population [...]

United Hands Relief providing relief efforts to Florida victims of Hurricane Michael2020-01-18T18:43:19-05:00

Indonesia earthquake and tsunami appeal


United Hands Relief and local partners in Indonesia are assessing the damage, as they prepare to respond following the devastating 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit the coastal town of Palu last Friday. The tsunami was triggered by the quake smashing buildings and sweeping homes away.  Friday’s disaster devastated swathes of the eastern Sulawesi island and has left at least 844 people dead. We urgently need your help to reach the people who are affected by this emergency. Please give what you can today.  Your donation to our emergency disaster relief fund will help us to respond in Indonesia and [...]

Indonesia earthquake and tsunami appeal2019-04-08T16:05:16-04:00

Hundreds died in Kerala monsoon – India


More than 320 people have died in the monsoon flooding in southern India’s Kerala state. Officials told the Associated Press that the floods have left more than 220,000 people homeless over the course of several months. Schools and Cochin International Airport – one of the country’s busiest – have been closed because of the disaster. Officials have compared this monsoon season to the 1924 monsoon.  It’s believed to be the worst in the state’s history. UHR is joining the relief efforts along with other organizations. Your contribution will help the Indian people who have lost everything because of this [...]

Hundreds died in Kerala monsoon – India2019-11-16T12:56:08-05:00

Hurricane Florence disaster relief


Despite making landfall as a weakened Category 1 hurricane, Florence still had enough wind speed to uproot trees and cause widespread power outages throughout the Carolinas. According to media outlets, it is estimated that At least 37 people have died in storm-related incidents 343,000 people are without power in North Carolina Floods have caused large-scale damage. Your help is much appreciated and will definitely make a difference in the lives of those affected by this disaster. Donate Now!

Hurricane Florence disaster relief2020-01-18T18:41:43-05:00

Deadly floods devastate Somalia and Kenya displacing thousands just days before Ramadan


As they were recovering from the severe drought that threatened millions in 2017, they were suddenly hit by harsh floods devastating Somalia and Kenya. At least 100 people have died and nearly 260,000 have been displaced by flooding in Kenya this month, the Kenyan Red Cross announced. Humanitarian organizations are working around the clock to help stranded residents to safety and provide aid to remote communities after weeks of heavy rain and landslides. We are just days away from the blessed month of Ramadan and hundreds of thousands have been displaced. There is a huge fear of disease outbreaks. This [...]

Deadly floods devastate Somalia and Kenya displacing thousands just days before Ramadan2019-04-08T15:31:31-04:00

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