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Somalia Faces the Risk of Famine


Somalia faces the risk of famine again because of recurring droughts according to the UN the Horn of Africa is suffering from a severe drought causing crops to fail and cattle to die. An estimated 13 million people are facing acute malnutrition and water scarcity in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, and are in urgent need of emergency assistance. In Somalia, communities that were already vulnerable due to past droughts are again facing severe hunger and water scarcity and are at risk from deadly communicable diseases. During Ramadan, UHR was on the ground distributing food items and water to needy families [...]

Somalia Faces the Risk of Famine2019-06-16T08:34:07-04:00

Orphaned at 3 and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 7


Without any symptoms, Mohamad has lost consciousness and fallen into a coma. At the age of 7, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Despite the environment and his situation as an orphaned refugee from a very poor family, Mohammad  was a happy child full of energy and life. However, since his diagnosis, Mohamad's life has changed forever. Mohamad was born January 8, 1996 in Balata camp - a Palestinian refugee camp in, Nablus, West Bank. Mohamd's father died when he was just 3 years old. He lives with his mother who also suffers from vision problems. After his diagnosis. [...]

Orphaned at 3 and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 72019-06-04T10:34:20-04:00

Gaza Emergency Appeal


“Whosoever saves a life, saves the whole of mankind.” (Quran 5: 32)Gaza is at a breaking point. Help us save lives, fight hunger and alleviate poverty in Gaza this Ramadan With the escalation of violence and the ongoing blockade, the situation in Gaza is already stretched to the limit. Over 40 % of the population lives below the line of poverty. 54% are food insecure and 75% rely completely on humanitarian assistance from charities for survival. 94% of the water is unfit for human consumption. And the Gaza medical crisis means one third of essential medicines are out of stock. Gaza [...]

Gaza Emergency Appeal2019-05-12T17:29:46-04:00

Flour Bags for Palestinian Refugees


Today, more than 1 million Palestine refugees need help to meet their basic food needs. The main scope of this project is to fill in part of the gap through distributing flour bags among poorest refugee families – those who’s monthly supply of flour, rice and sugar was cut off by already struggling aid agencies. For a while, thousands of families have been heavily dependent on food aid and support from The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA). Funding cuts have led to more poverty and misery among refugees. YOU CAN HELP It is hard to [...]

Flour Bags for Palestinian Refugees2019-05-07T15:42:23-04:00

Yemen Emergency Appeal


A Child Dies Every Minute After years of conflict in Yemen, you would think it will eventually stop. Children in Yemen are facing a catastrophic famine crisis. Millions are at risk of dying from starvation. A CHILD IS DYING EVERY EIGHT MINUTES. We need your generous gift to support our relief efforts in Yemen. Your tax-deductible gift can provide lifesaving supplies and medical care to these vulnerable children. Donate Now!

Yemen Emergency Appeal2019-05-01T01:14:59-04:00

Water Wells


According to the World Health Organization, over 768 million people in the world, about one in ten people, live without access to safe, clean water. Additionally, more than 2.4 billion, which is one-third of the world’s population, do not have access to adequate sanitation. We believe and dream of a world where everyone has pure clean water to drink. We strive for a world where all people have access to decent sanitation. It’s a basic right! Millions of lives are threatened every day by deadly waterborne diseases in Gaza, Yemen, Rohingya, Somalia, Kenya and many other countries around the world. What [...]

Water Wells2019-11-14T16:00:01-05:00

Gaza Water Crisis


In the Gaza Strip, 97 percent of freshwater is unsuitable for human consumption, and raw sewage pours into the Mediterranean Sea. The UN has declared that by 2020, the water crisis may make the Gaza Strip uninhabitable! #Youcanhelp #GiftofWater #CleanWater #WaterisLife You can help needy families by installing water tanks, just like the ones in this picture. These tanks get filled once or twice a week depending on how many families they supply. The cost of installing one tank in $160 Weekly clean water refill costs $15 Monthly clean water refill costs $60 DONATE [...]

Gaza Water Crisis2019-05-07T15:38:36-04:00

Medicines and medical supplies


UHR and its partners sponsored a shipment of emergency medicines and medical supplies that has arrived to Gaza. Various types of antibiotics, IV fluids, and other life saving medications were distributed to public hospitals and clinics in response to the dire health needs of the city. Your continued contribution to such cause would be of great help to those needy and ailing families and individuals. Donate!

Medicines and medical supplies2019-04-08T15:58:49-04:00

Devastating tsunami hits Indonesia again


It was reported that at least 281 people have been killed and 843 injured in Indonesia after a tsunami hit coastal areas along the Sunda Strait last December. According to local media, the waves reached as high as three meters (10 feet) and caused a lot of destruction. Hundreds are injured and more than two dozen remain missing due to this devastating natural disaster. Indonesia tsunami victims are in desperate need of assistance including water, food, medical aid, and other daily necessities. UHR is joining the disaster relief donation campaign for the victims of the Indonesia tsunami. We urge you [...]

Devastating tsunami hits Indonesia again2019-04-08T15:59:36-04:00

Famine has been declared in East Africa


More than 22 million people are affected by the drought in East Africa, and at least 15 million are hungry. The region is suffering from severe drought, causing crops to fail and livestock to die. The lack of safe clean water for drinking and sanitation is increasing the risk of cholera and other life-threatening diseases. Violence in the region is leading to millions fleeing their homes, leaving them in need of emergency aid, especially food.  Over 45,000 cases of acute diarrhea in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia have been reported. On top of the food crisis, the region was hit by [...]

Famine has been declared in East Africa2019-04-08T15:14:24-04:00

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