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Devastating tsunami hits Indonesia again


It was reported that at least 281 people have been killed and 843 injured in Indonesia after a tsunami hit coastal areas along the Sunda Strait last December. According to local media, the waves reached as high as three meters (10 feet) and caused a lot of destruction. Hundreds are injured and more than two dozen remain missing due to this devastating natural disaster. Indonesia tsunami victims are in desperate need of assistance including water, food, medical aid, and other daily necessities. UHR is joining the disaster relief donation campaign for the victims of the Indonesia tsunami. We urge you [...]

Devastating tsunami hits Indonesia again2019-04-08T15:59:36-05:00

Famine has been declared in East Africa


More than 22 million people are affected by the drought in East Africa, and at least 15 million are hungry. The region is suffering from severe drought, causing crops to fail and livestock to die. The lack of safe clean water for drinking and sanitation is increasing the risk of cholera and other life-threatening diseases. Violence in the region is leading to millions fleeing their homes, leaving them in need of emergency aid, especially food.  Over 45,000 cases of acute diarrhea in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia have been reported. On top of the food crisis, the region was hit by [...]

Famine has been declared in East Africa2019-04-08T15:14:24-05:00

United Hands Relief providing relief efforts to Florida victims of Hurricane Michael


In October of 2018, Hurricane Michael struck as the third-most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall in the United States, and brought the strongest recorded storm to the Florida panhandle. As of October 22, 2018, 54 deaths have been attributed to the storm, with 39 in the U.S. and 15 in Central America. United Hands Relief (Bait AlKhair) recently carried out Hurricane Michael relief efforts in collaboration with other relief NGO’s by distribution of hygiene items and cleaning supplies at White City, Florida, which is part of the St. Lucile County and has a population [...]

United Hands Relief providing relief efforts to Florida victims of Hurricane Michael2019-04-08T16:04:07-05:00

Keep refugees warm this winter


winter unfolds, refugees across the Middle East will soon encounter freezing temperatures. In Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Rohingya. United Hands Relief (Bait Alkhair) is distributing essential items to help people brave this winter. Children are particularly vulnerable. Many are surviving in tents or makeshift shelters with little infrastructure to support them. Children are sleeping on cold grounds wearing light clothing, which can lead to serious health risks. Many refugee families are struggling to keep warm with few resources and job opportunities. The cost of keeping a home adequately heated during the colder months is beyond their means. What [...]

Keep refugees warm this winter2019-04-08T16:04:37-05:00

Gaza Water Crisis


The Water Crisis in Gaza is Worsening Daily The UN Predicts that Gaza will be Unlivable by 2020 Clean water is essential for human survival. Imagine having 90% of the water in your region unfit to drink! Unfortunately, that is the case in Gaza. The entire population of Gaza relies on a single underground aquifer. 95% of its water produced is contaminated by sea water, sewage and chemicals. By 2020, the United Nations predicts that all water in Gaza will be polluted and unfit for drinking, making the region unlivable. Increasing Water Scarcity and Low Funding The water [...]

Gaza Water Crisis2019-05-03T04:58:34-05:00

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