Bread for Displaced Refugees in Gaza & Turkey -Syria Refugees-

Working Together to alleviate Poverty and Hunger.

Help us to provide bread every day to 1,000 vulnerable Palestinian and Syrian refugee families in Gaza and the Syrian-Turkish border.

Millions of displaced families who live in refugee camps are unable to secure the most essential and basic food needs, including BREAD! The ongoing conflict in the region has displaced millions of people and food shortages have caused great suffering.

Help us to change this by providing regular bread deliveries.

Refugees in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey are facing extreme food insecurity. Even prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, a drastically increasing percentage of refugees were living below the line of poverty, and for those living in camps and temporary makeshift homes, the numbers continue to soar. With years of conflict, siege and hunger, a staggering 92% of Syrian refugee families, and 95% of Palestinian refugees are facing food insecurity and urgently need help to access food.
Loaves of Bread Daily

What is UHR Doing

United Hands Relief is dispatching daily bread deliveries in an effort to reach vulnerable refugee families living in camps and temporary shelters in Gaza and the Syrian-Turkish border.

This project aims to help 1,000 refugee families to be resilient to malnutrition during these difficult times of crisis and the continued fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, during which many are struggling to earn a living.
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