Building a Water Well For Kenya

Help Blue Valley Highschool MSA Raise Funds!

Unite with Blue Valley Highschool MSA and UHR To Build A Water Well in Kenya!

Blue Valley High School, Muslim Student Association club is raising money to help build water pumps in underdeveloped parts of the world. In places like Africa that need our help to provide them with clean, safe, and reliable water.
Today, too many adults and children are getting sick and dying every day because of their contaminated water. By building just one pump we could change the lives of so many people. Please consider making a donation and helping our club spread the word.

Access to clean water is a basic human right, yet millions still struggle daily due to waterborne diseases, poor sanitation, and limited resources. Our goal is to raise funds to build and maintain water pumps, providing communities with a sustainable source of clean water.

Water and Sanitation For Kenya

Water and Sanitation (BVHS MSA)

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Water and Sanitation

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Give the Gift of Safe & Clean Water

Let’s all be a part of something great and provide less fortunate people in Kenya with access to clean drinking water! The Goal is to raise $2,500! Please donate today!

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Lack Acess

Out of Kenya’s population of 53 million, approximately 28 million people lack access to safe water sources.

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In Kenya, are going through a severe water and food crisis.


Hours Everyday

Children are often responsible for collecting water for their families spending up to five hours a day fetching for water sources. This takes time away from their school jeopardizing their education and future.
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