Bangladesh Winter Relief

Working Together to alleviate Poverty and Hunger.

Winter Relief Campaign in Bangladesh

Thank you to everyone for showing generousity and donating to our Winter Relief Project For Bangladesh.

The smiles on the children’s faces is why we do what we do. Something as simple as warmth means so much to them. Please continue to support and donate and make more children smiles.


Global Winter Relief Fund

Winter Relief

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$25, $100, $150, $275, Other

Winter Relief Fund For Countries In Need

The Winter Relief Fund was created to provide financial assistance to families in need. Winter can be a terrifying time, for those less fortunate. Many have to live with without food, shelter, water already. Add the harsh weathers in winter and it makes their life even harder. We want to alleviate any stress that we can, please donate to the Winter Relief Fund and provide some much needed warmth in their hard times.

For just $25, you can provide a heavy blanket to keep a person warm in winter
$100, you can provide a family with enough nutritious food to keep them well-fed for up to one month
$150 provides a family with a heater and propane tank
$275 will give a needy family a full winter package that they need to stay warm, well-fed, and dry in the upcoming bitter winter (includes blankets, food, heater, and propane tank)
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